Patient Testimonials

Friendly, answered my questions, competent, gave me helpful information - I was very pleased!

- MF, Springfield, IL

Everyone was very nice and understanding, did not feel pressured or rushed through my tests.

- EC, Springfield, IL

"They were very flexible with my schedule"

- MP, Chatham, IL

"Staff was very courteous and prompt. They were great."

- JV, Mt. Sterling, IL

"(The tech) helped me feel very much at ease. I appreciated being told how long each scan would last."

- NK, Springfield, IL

"Congenial attitude from enter to exit"

- JM, Springfield, IL

"Very well done!"

- JD, Carlinville, IL

"The people that work here are great. Everyone was great!"

- BG, Chatham, IL

"Staff is very respectful and nice."

- BJ, Waverly, IL

"The people are so friendly. I love listening to the satellite radio. Very nice place."

- TM
Springfield, IL

"Quick service."

- JJ
Decatur, IL

"Everything went very well. Pleased with all – very accommodating."

- BM
Hillsboro, IL

"Very patient with my claustrophobia."

- MA
Rochester, IL

"Friendly, efficient, & courteous."

- DF
Hillsboro, IL


- TM
Lewiston, IL

"The staff was very friendly & professional."

- CB
Springfield, IL

"Attentive & helpful personnel."

- MS
Springfield, IL

"(The tech) was awesome!"

- CW
Springfield, IL

"Great service & treats are great! Thanks, ya’ll really helped with my aunt, too!"

- BH
Springfield, IL

"Referred by doctor years ago and will always come here if (they) can do procedure required."

- CL
Springfield, IL

"The entire staff has always been very professional in every way and on schedule."

- FC
Riverton, IL

"This is a wonderful place."

- CB
Virginia, IL

"In and out very fast. Been visiting this facility for about 13 years!"

- DC
Springfield, IL

"(The tech) was so kind and caring and really made my mom so comfortable when she was hurting."

- SG
Springfield, IL

"Good quality care and friendliness."

- DB
Hillsboro, IL

"Very family oriented, very kind and wonderful people. A+++"

- CA
Petersburg, IL

"I particularly liked not having to walk a mile - bone spurs on my feet."

- KH
New Berlin, IL

"All of the staff were very friendly and explained the procedure thoroughly."

- TK
Petersburg, IL

"I like the contracted price with Blue Cross. Loved the quick appointment time - called yesterday and got in today!"

- RI
Jacksonville, IL

"Everyone was very nice and answered the questions that I asked."

- NS
Arenzville, IL

"Quiet, clean with pleasant staff."

- WM
Springfield, IL

"The technician was very kind, patient, and helpful to my comfort/needs."

- DB
Rochester, IL

"I liked how the staff made sure I was doing okay during the test."

- TR
Middletown, IL

"Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable staff."

- LD
Springfield, IL

"(An) MRI is scary when you’re claustrophobic. The tech was very nice!"

- KP
Springfield, IL

"Technologist was fantastic, super patient with me."

- JW
Springfield, IL

"I like coming here for my MRIs. The staff are so friendly and kind. The location is excellent for people with disabilities."

- TF
Springfield, IL

"Taking tests is not scary, but when you don't know what you could have, it really helps that people are friendly and caring. I found that here!"

- TE
Springfield, IL

"I had an MRI and I really liked how the tech told me how long each scan would take. She also took blood/put contrast in and she found my vein right away. Most techs at other facilities have to dig around on both arms. This tech was very good overall."

- SB
Rushville, IL

"Close to home, fast MRI, no waiting, friendly staff."

- DF
Cantrall, IL

"The staff was very friendly & helpful. (Tech) and office staff very helpful when I was unable to do MRI first day."

- JL, Riverton, IL

"Very professional, good experience"

- DW, Loami, IL

"(Tech) was very nice. I would like her again."

- PK, Mechanicsburg, IL

"Close parking, beverage choice, quality setting."

- RH, Rochester, IL

"Easy parking, very nice center and people."

- LC, Jacksonville, IL

"They tried to make sure I was comfortable before and during my procedure."

- SF, Springfield, IL

"I disliked nothing. I always feel comfortable coming here. My tech that gave me the test was very helpful and friendly."

- EA, Springfield, IL

"The staff was excellent"

- DH, Springfield, IL

"Everything was professional and friendly."

- DJ, Jacksonville, IL

"Staff is great. Very friendly and a relaxing attitude."

- JH, Moweaqua, IL

"Everything was great."

- TB, Hannibal, MO

"Very clean, very efficient."

- CR, Springfield, IL

"Everyone was very nice."

- KJ, Springfield, IL

"Great snacks, drinks, TV, music, headphones, nice nap."

- MP, Lincoln, IL

"Everyone was very professional and courteous."

- RH, Dawson, IL

"Kept me informed through the whole procedure, felt very much at ease."

- RY, Decatur, IL

"(Techs) were awesome! Very compassionate going the extra mile to make me comfortable. Also, front desk staff efficient and kind."

- LF, Wapella, IL

"I liked the 70s music during the test."

- DC, Athens, IL

"Clean, professional, caring, right on time. Thorough in explaining."

- LF, Virden, IL

"Overall, very good atmosphere. Staff was very friendly and accommodating."

- HC, Jacksonville, IL

"Very pleasant and informative."

- MC, Hillsboro, IL

"Your staff is very professional."

- BB, Rochester, IL

"Very friendly, gave me detailed instructions on how to get here from where I was coming from."

- P, Springfield, IL

"(I particularly liked the) music and comfort."

- KS, Jacksonville, IL

"(Tech) is awesome. Entire MRI was easy."

- SZ, Springfield, IL

"You had satellite radio and when I my other MRI they didn’t. I liked the technician."

- ML, Chatham, IL

"Cheerful staff & helpful - thank you"

- LB, Loami IL

"Cleanliness & overall atmosphere of the center is awesome! Staff is very nice & makes you feel as comfortable as possible."

- SC, Springfield IL

"The tech was very helpful and professional."

- BB, Springfield IL

"Everything above board, nice job!"

- JS, Decatur IL

"I particularly liked the professional atmosphere."

- DH, Decatur IL

"Every visit I’ve made over the years has been most satisfactory."

- EF, Nokomis IL

"I like that I do not have to wait. Usually done before scheduled appointment."

- MC, Divernon IL

"The refreshments really kicked it off. Great place you have here!"

- BL, Cantrall IL

"Everyone is great!"

- DH, Springfield IL

"(Your tech) was the best; she was very kind, gentle & explained everything before she did it."

- KW
Springfield, IL

"(Your tech) was very caring and sweet."

- AH
Springfield, IL

"Overall, great!"

- AJ
Modesto, IL

"They were all very kind & very understanding people about my problems."

- CB
Springfield, IL

"Efficient – Always on time"

- MC
Divernon, IL

"Staff made it easy to go through."

- JH
Springfield, IL

"(Your tech) did an excellent job of easing my anxiety over the procedure."

- DC
Chatham, IL

"Everything was great, always informative and nice."

- ML
Divernon, IL

"They’re least costly and speediest with appointment scheduling."

- EL
Lincoln, IL

"Waiting area is excellent."

- KT
Springfield, IL

"I was treated like one of the staff…Very friendly."

- NP
Springfield, IL

"Unfortunately, circumstances led me to be considerably late for appointment. Not only did staff wait for me, they greeted me with a smile. Thank you many times over."

- BM
Mt. Zion, IL

"The staff was very friendly and helpful. They helped make me feel comfortable during my appointment. Thanks to them all for a great job."

- JV
Mt. Pulaski, IL

"Very clean, drinks & snacks are great!!"

- CR
Springfield, IL

"I felt very comfortable and well taken care of and with all the treats and something to drink. LOVE IT!"

- TW
Auburn, IL

"(Your tech) was very professional and very kind. The whole staff was great."

- TW
Auburn, IL

"The technician was extremely understanding and helpful. The procedure was easier than I expected. I am very claustrophobic and no medication made it this easy. Thank you for working with me to figure out how to make it work for me"

- RF
Virden, IL

"I liked the quick service."

- YD
Springfield, IL

"Everyone was so nice to me."

- CD
Loami, IL

"Very friendly staff- and who doesn't like free munchies! Wonderful touch!!"

- EM
Springfield, IL

"Staff was knowledgeable and super friendly."

- HB
Springfield, IL

"Professional, courteous, great personnel."

- PH
Rochester, IL

"The friendliness of the staff."

- WB
Rochester, IL

"The tech was very friendly and considerate of my feelings! Very professional!"

- JH
Springfield, IL

"This was a good experience."

- JW
Springfield, IL

"The tech was very professional and pleasant."

- RN
Virden, IL

"The people were very nice and friendly."

- TG
Butler, IL

"Everybody was helpful and courteous."

- DH
Macon, IL

"I like the easy and friendly environment."

- AW
Hillsboro, IL

"Thank you for proving a snack bar!"

- KS
Springfield, IL

"Everyone is very polite."

- DM
Raymond, IL

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